Movember: No Shave November

It's that time of the year again, that time when men let go and hang loose.......their facial hair, that is.

Yes, it's Movember No-Shave November, that month in the year when guys can relax their grooming, just a little bit.

But do not worry.  It is all for a good cause - raising awareness for prostate cancer, men's mental health and men's health, in general.

But, fellas, don't just grow out your facial hair to show visible support. 

Make sure you donate to a men's health or prostate cancer charity of your choice!

Ladies!  You may not have facial hair to grow out for the month of November, but we can show our support by letting our leg hair grow!!!!

No? Alrighty, then.  

Another way you can show support and stand in solidarity with the menfolk is by donating to a men's health or prostate cancer charity of your choice!


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The Movember: No-Shave November video below is sponsored by  TLC Naturals Grow It Guys hair growth products for men.

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Enjoy the video and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Also, click HERE to learn more about the Movember movement.


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