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Sieta (who had seborrhoeic dermatitis with some hair loss) used our Scalp Therapy Exfoliating Hair Cleanser and Scalp Therapy Soothing Scalp Balm.  Here's what she had to say:
I feel that my hair became thicker over the past two weeks, particularly around the edges. Also whenever I apply the balm, my scalp immediately cools down. My scalp is a little less sensitive after use. I have noticed growth in my hairline. My hairline is getting thicker and my baby hairs are growing back in as well, it is definitely a growth aid! I am impressed with the way the products feel so I will come back and buy more even so I can have the total effects of it.


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BAHA - FRANCETLC Naturals Grow It hair growth reviews and feedback
tlc naturals grow oit reviews feedback
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I really like the Grow It hair growth products. It gave excellent results for my hair.
Feedback and Review on TLC Naturals Grow It Hair Growth Activating Gel
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This is my hair , before and then 4 weeks after using TLC Naturals Grow It Hair Juice for my postpartum hair loss.  Amazing product!! - Suzanna, UK
TC NATURALS Grow It hair growth product review and feedback
TLC Naturals Grow It hair growth cream feedback and review
The grow It Cream is really good and does leave my hair feeling soft.  I measured my hair to see how much it had grown since my haircut and to my surprise, my hair had grown almost 2 centimeters in the course of three weeks!!  It usually takes me two months two get that amount of growth so I thank you very much for the product.  My edges are also coming in nicely and I am going to continue to use the product more frequently - MOREEN, US 
"The TLC Naturals Grow It juice made my hair grow THREE TIMES FASTER in just one month, so I am very happy with this product"
comment faire pousser les cheveux plus vite avec Grow It, par Audrey en France

This Grow It!  hair cream works!  It's a miracle product!! - Brandi,   From left to right, the 1st picture was taken before using the Grow It Cream, the 2nd & middle picture was taken after 2 weeks use and the 3rd & last picture was taken after 4 weeks use
Below is Brandi's video review:
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 "I used the TLC Naturals Grow It Gel for 2 weeks and here is the before and after pictures.  My hair is longer, thicker and much healthier" - Lianne, UK


    Seriously the grow it hair cream works wonders! The middle of my hair grows faster than other part (it easily retains moisture) & I can see my hair getting longer! I cut two inches of hair back in feb...and have had a few trims since then. I have a picture of my length just after I cut with the banding technique once I straighten I will take another pic in the same pjs(lol) and same technique to see the difference. Thinking to get some of the cream for my mum soon, she has permed hair and I think will benefit from your products! xxx. 


Paige, your products are UNBELIEVABLE!!  TODAY RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE THIS EMAIL MY HAIR IS STILL 100% MOISTURIZED AND HYDRATED.  Paige my hair is WOW!!! SOOOO VERY SOFT, FULL, MOISTURIZED AND HYDRATED. As a true user of 100% Vegan and Natural and the International Representative for a 40 year old Vegan company. I can say with true honesty and integrity that the QUALITY  and LOVE you put into your products AND 100% VISIBLE WITHIN MINUTES OF USE. AND THE NEXT DAY TELLS THE TRUTH,  I LOVE IT !! TLC ROCKS AND ROCKS HARD!!!! EXCELLENCE!!  Boses (USA)