Grow It Guys Hair Growth Bundle



By popular request from our male customers, we have created discounted bundles of the Grow It hair growth products for men, male hair loss, premature balding, blading patches, receding hair line thinning hair, alopecia, and hair shedding or breakage.

The Duo Bundle includes the Grow It Follicle Stimulator and the Grow It Caffeine Shampoo PLUS, a sweet 10% DISCOUNT!
The Trio Bundle includes the Grow It Follicle Stimulator and the Grow It Caffeine Shampoo and the Grow It Intense Growth Serum, PLUS, a sweeter 15% DISCOUNT!!

Wash your hair using the Caffeine Shampoo and apply the Follicle Stimulator with the Intense Growth Serum to increase the hair growth potency and effectiveness of the products and stimulate even faster hair growth, length and thickness.

You can also contact us for your FREE personal recommendations on using the products according to your hair type.

Ideal for all hair types.



  • Actively regrows hair faster and fills in any balding patches
  • Reverses premature balding
  • Hair thinning treatment and solution
  • Feeds the hair follicles with micronutrients and enzymes
  • Rebuilds the hair strands and hair shaft from the inside out, resulting in healthier, stronger, more resilient and smoother hair
  • Stops hair loss, breakage, shedding and hair thinning
  • Repairs and treats damaged hair
  • Increases hair thickness, growth, volume and density
  • Increases cellular metabolism and regenerate new follicular scalp cells,  thereby stimulating growth and volume of the hair.
  • Regulates sebum production and stops inflammation of the hair follicles and scalp pores.
  • Stimulates hair follicles and reactivate follicles that have become redundant due to aging.



  • 150ml (5 oz) - Grow It Follicle Stimulator
  • 250ml (8 oz) - Grow It Caffeine Shampoo



  • 150ml (5 oz) - Grow It Follicle Stimulator
  • 250ml (8 oz) - Grow It Caffeine Shampoo
  • 150ml (5 oz) - Grow It Intense Growth Serum



Suitable for:   Vegans

Free From: parabens, petrochemicals, silicones and mineral oil.



I am a guy in my twenties and thinning hair is not something that you would expect a man of my age to experience.  This gel gets two thumbs up from me.  The balding patch on top of my hair is gone and my hair is thicker all over.  Even my mates can't recognise me anymore.  Thank you, TLC Jamie, London.


I have used your Grow It Cream for a while and was very eager to try this product when it came out. I use it on my edges and it is so wonderful.  I love that it is very light, almost like a liquid.  I started using it on Tuesday and by Saturday only 4 days later, I could see growth. Thank  you, thank you, thank you!! Steph, USA.






This is a  handmade product using natural & organic ingredients.  As a result of this, the consistency, smell or colour may vary from one batch to another.  This is perfectly normal and does not affect the product's performance in any way.

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