Keeping Children Safe During A Summer Heatwave July 11 2022, 0 Comments

Today, the first ever amber warning for the UK has just been issued for EXTREME HEAT.

The UK is currently experiencing a heatwave, with temperatures hovering around the early 30s (Centigrade).
While these temperatures may seem normal for other countries, it is extremely unusual for us in the UK and this is why we tend to react poorly to these high temperatures.

Unlike houses in tropical or Mediterranean regions, British houses are just not built for the heat.  The houses here are often centuries old and are built to keep heat and warmth in.  So 30 degrees here is not the same as 30 degrees in other countries.

We also do not have air conditioning or household swimming pools, both of which are quite common in hotter countries, as the norm in Britain either.  

A key thing to also remember is that it takes the body about 2-3 weeks to acclimatise to weather changes and this is why we Brits struggle with extremes.

In other countries, where temperatures like these are the norm or are fairly consistent, which means that the residents in those countries are naturally acclimatised to those temperatures, British weather can rapidly change from Winter to Summer within a space of 24 hours.

The human body is just not naturally designed to acclimatise so quickly and that is why we Brits struggle.
We often see people suffer heat stroke, rapid internal dehydration, rapid drop in blood pressure & many even faint.


And children are particularly more vulnerable because they do not have strong acclimatising properties as adults do.

So here are ways to keep your children (and yourself) safe during a summer heatwave:


Stay Out Of The Sun

Keep the children in the shade as much as possible, and particularly between 11am - 2pm, which is when the sun is at its most intense.

Dress Light
Stick airy, light fabrics for clothing


Ensure children have sun hats and apply sun protection cream liberally, making sure to reapply every 2 hours.sun hats & regular suncream all round.


Dehydration can happen very quickly during a heatwave, so have them sip some water or diluted juice every 30 minutes to 1 hour.  


Cool Down

When out and about, carry portable battery-operated handheld fans and use them to cool down.

Also, have with you a mini spray bottle, filled with water, which can be used to lightly mist the face and the neck during the heat.

If you mist just above their heads, allowing the cooling droplets to drop down on their heads, the children will love it and giggle.

At home, even if you do not have a swimming pool, you can install a small paddling pool for the children to wade in, or cool them down with water sprinklers or the fine mist from a garden hose.


Protect & Nourish The Hair

High temperatures in summer can cause immense damage to the hair, making it dry, dull, lacklustre, prone to frizz and prone to breakage and hair loss.

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