How To Achieve Your Natural Hair Goals This Year January 08 2022, 0 Comments

Happy New Year!!

Many people start New Year resolutions around this time of the year and for some, these resolutions and goals pertain to taking their natural haircare routine more seriously.

The best way to achieve what you want by or even before the end of the year is to make a deliberate effort to set some goals.

So what are your natural hair goals for this year?




Then use our Grow It Fortifying Fluid.

Hair that is properly moisturised is less prone to breakage and frizz.

TLC Naturals Grow It Fortifying Fluid doesn’t just moisturise the surface of your hair strand like many commercial hair moisturisers do.

Its micronutrients penetrate the hair follicle and hair strands to provide deeper moisturising, but it also fortifies and strengthens the hair protein from inside the hair shaft, making your hair healthy, shiny, frizz-free and stronger. 




Use our Grow It Fortifying Fluid + Grow It Follicle Stimulator

Spray the Fortifying Fluid to your hair and then smooth the Follicle Stimulator on to your hair strands for defined curls and coils.

Defined curls and coils begin with well moisturised hair

The Fortifying Fluid hydrates your hair, leaving it moisturised for longer than commercial hair products.
And the Follicle Stimulator doesn’t just strengthen the hair shaft, but it also adds gentle definition, and keeps the definition for longer.




Use our Grow It Fortifying Fluid.

It rebuilds hair keratin from inside the hair shaft cortex, leading to stronger hair, better length retention and increased hair length.




Use our Grow It Caffeine Shampoo + Grow It Intense Growth Serum, Grow It Follicle Stimulator or Grow It Rapid Growth Cream.

Rich in caffeine, biotin, amino acids, sulphur and other nutrients, the Caffeine Shampoo, fortifies your hair while also increasing hair volume and thickness.

After shampooing with the Caffeine Shampoo, apply any one of the Rapid Growth Cream, the Follicle Stimulator or the Intense Growth Serum - all of which play a part in jumpstarting redundant follicles, the primary cause of thinning hair, and rejuvenating your hair back into thickness again.


Whatever your haircare goals for the year are, we certainly have a TLC Naturals haircare, hair growth and scalp treatment product for you.

View the complete range of TLC Naturals hair products.

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