Top 5 Summer Hair Care Tips June 28 2018, 2 Comments

Summer is here!

Time to let loose, kick your shoes off and bask in the glorious weather!

These quick top 5 summer hair care tips will leave your hair looking gorgeous and healthy, and less like a dry and frazzled mess.

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Okay, fair enough, this can be a difficult one as no one wants to be a sweaty, sticky, smelly people-repeller.

However, we are not asking you to stop washing your hair.  Just lose the shampoo. 

Hair shampoos include surfactants, which are incredibly drying to your hair.  Combine this with the scorching summer heat and your hair will suffer damage, shedding and breakage in no time.

Our TLC Naturals hair cleansers are the perfect shampoo alternatives.  They are like shampoos but without the surfactants.  Pretty neat, huh?

If you have thick, coily or curly hair that may also be prone to breakage and shedding, then our Grow It Caffeine Hair Growth Cleanser is perfect for you!

Is your hair naturally straight or wavy? Are you prone to dandruff, greasy scalp, seborrheic dermatitis, scalp eczema, and psoriasis?  Then check out our Scalp Therapy Hair Cleanser!



You do know what happens to plants exposed to scorching heat, don't you? They dry out very quickly, moisture evaporates rapidly from the inner cells and with the loss of moisture, they become very dry and brittle.

Before you know it - snap, crackle, POP!

The same scenario occurs with your hair.  During summer, hair dries out much quicker due to rapid evaporation of moisture from the cortex of the hair strands.

The loss of moisture makes the hair not only dry, frizzy and brittle, but extremely prone to breakage, thinning and shedding.

Combat this with our Grow It Hair Juice.  A little spritz used regularly penetrates the hair strands very quickly and easily, rebuilds keratin and protein within your hair, moisturising, conditioning and strengthening your hair from the inside out!

In addition, it closes up the hair cortex, preventing rapid moisture from your hair and leaving you with not just longer, healthier strands, but also frizz-free hair too!



While you do not have to emigrate to colder climes, we recommend that you cut down on the use of heat styling products and blow dryers.

When out and about, wear a stylish hat or cap, if you can



Using brushes to detangle or groom your hair can not only result in extensive damage to your hair, but also leave your hair frizzy and leave you, a hot and bothered sweaty mess.

Go for a wide-tooth comb instead.  It makes detangling a breeze, especially when combined with the TLC Naturals Grow It Hair Juice, mentioned above.



A little bit of extra TLC for your hair will make your hair love you forever!

No, seriously!

This serum, this cream and this balm all make excellent choices for intensive, quick-acting hair treatment.  No, you do not have to use them all.




Scalps can suffer sunburn too and should not be neglected in your summer hair care routine.

The Scalp Therapy Healing Serum is ideal for keeping your scalp cool and healthy, and if you have any scalp inflammation such as itchy scalp, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, scalp eczema or psoriasis, it clears it up too.

A healthy scalp is a happy scalp.

Have an enjoyable and safe summer!

🌱 🌻 🌱